Can Negativity Be a Part of Getting New Customers or is Positivity More Effective?

The Answer is not in the Two Coffee Cups

In theory, I and other interns who are sitting in as writers at various other Blog Coalition sites, are going to have an answer to to the question that the title of this blog post asks. The other websites that currently have alternative bloggers filling in for them just for today are “USA Make a Difference,” “How to Do Online Marketing,” and “Market Your Journey.”

Get New Customers Now

Ways to Increase Your Client Base

These days, it doesn’t take much more than going on the internet with your laptop to expand your client base. There are a variety of tactics to get new customers that can be employed including to use online reviews to work in your favor, asking for referrals from your existing customers, promoting yourself for your expertise, networking, forming partnership with businesses trying to reach the same demographic as you are, doing special promotions to attract new clients, give a face lift to your website or blog or even contact old customers that you have not been in touch with for a while.

Pick a Medium

The tactics just described are some of the time-tested methods to get new customers that can be wrapped together into a campaign strategy. Of course, we are now in the digital age so the methodology for strategic outreach will involve the latest in new technology. The techniques of bringing in fresh prospects are tried and true. The only thing that changes is HOW these steps are accomplished. In other words, what medium will you use to implement them?

Help Them with a Solution to Overcome Their Pain

Of course, there are many more tactics that can be used to bring in more business, so the real challenge is not so much about the underlying techniques used, but more in how to dress them up to maximize communication with your customer avatar. The goals are to understand the objections they might have against purchasing your goods and services right now. This is accomplished by understanding their goals and values. You are offering them a solution to their problem that can be described as a benefit, or even more powerfully to overcome a painful scenario they have.

Right Customer, Right Time

Once you have crafted your offer, you need to know where to place it. You are looking for a realm that will reach your ideal customer at the exact moment they need what you are offering. Ways of getting your message out in front of those folks who are ready to purchase it, includes online ads in social media sites that can get your solution in front of your best customer at the right time.

Yianni Stamas Explores the Connection Between Date Nut Bread and Getting New Customers

Today, Tuesday, December 22nd is National Date Nut Bread Day!

December in general is a baking month for lots of people who create their confections this particular time of year to able to present their treats as gifts or to serve at holiday parties. Of course, due to the Pandemic, most sharing of Date Nut Bread will be done virtually.

National Date Nut Bread Day,

Some of those sharing Date Nut Bread will be the owners of businesses both storefront home based. We here at “How to Get New Customers .com” encourage businesses to do marketing that makes a difference per DIY Digi Guidelines and to make big batches of Date Nut Bread today for others who are quarantined with them.

Make a Difference with Date Nut Bread

Making Date Nut Bread is a form of making a difference. You are sharing dates and nuts both of which have their own health benefits.

A Boatload of Jewels

Ever wanted a boatload of jewels. What would that look like? This…?

All right maybe not that. How about this:

Not that either?! Look, we are taking too much time trying visualize this. What we really mean is the green. You know, green. How to get more new customers. Right? Yes. Right. Okay then, let’s return to our regularly scheduled program!







What are Some Quick Ways to Get More New Clients

Obviously, this website is called “How to Get New Customers” therefore it makes sense that the content on it is “How to Get New Customers.” One of the questions we gets ask, is “How do you ask for referrals. The answer is quite simple. As we’ve gone through before on this site, you simply ask for them. That’s right, you ask for them.
You are not always get a “yes” but sometimes it works, and since sometimes you can get a “yes” it is worth asking. We also get questions about networking. Networking is fine if you are an extravert. But what about if you are an introvert. It is harder.
The closest thing that an introvert is somewhat relaxed about doing is to email people. This can be tough if it is a “cold” prospect, but if you  set in their way a clear enough benefit, they will sometimes respond. It is hard to do. Again think, benefit, benefit.
And once in a while the classic approaches work which is to offer incentives for new customers only. But don’t forget your stable long distance folks. Do something nice for them and you may score big. Let them know that you appreciate them being a long time customer.
It is always a good idea to keep your website up to date. The reason is because perception is reality. If you look the part then you will be thought of as the part. Another thing you can do, and for introverts this could be a good move for email. What is it? It is to partner with complementary businesses. They have something used with or is related to your endeavor.
And as always, promote you expertise.  Positioning yourself as an expert is everything. You can learn about this in detail in our current eBook.

The Email Marketing System

Get New Customers

As social media gives less and less of a reach for finding customers, many individuals and marketers are back on track with a favorite approach to getting clients: The Email Marketing System.

Email Software

The first item you need is email software.

Setting Up Your System

You can use email software to set up your system which does the actions of taking your web visitor’s email and when they click a button they are then told to go to their email box. Upon doing do so, they discover an email with a link that they then click on which has the dual function of providing themselves with your eBook while also confirming that they want to receive you newsletter and that their email is real!

Teaching is a Whole New Ball of Wax

Digital World

Teachers from kindergarten to college are facing the new threshold of digital education. For some making the transition is easy, but for others, not so much. And students are changing too. In the educational market for small business owners, owners are encountering for the first time needing to reeducate themselves to keep up with the digital world.

Online Marketing

It’s for this reason that my brother and I are developing digital courses for small business owners. If you are interesting in just jumping right in to the digital education world plus get free stuff, we recommend you go to the online marketing site right now, known as

Something New

Doing an online course is a great way to beef up what you know (even if you’re a vegetarian). The more you have at your disposal knowledge of the digital world, the more you will known what to do. Because let’s face it, teaching is a whole new ball of wax!

Get Online Clients

Specific Categories

It is especially hard these days for online businesses to compete with sites such as Amazon. The reason is that small sites often try to directly compete with bigger sites. This is not necessarily the best strategy. One though is to have an eCommerce site that is very niche and only has one category. That way the site can be promoted to those who are interested in that particular category.

A Certain Kind of Customer

Needless to say, to do a category specific site one must strive for having product availability that no other sites have. You don’t always want to get into a price competition with large online venues. Instead it is a good idea to have a specific kind of product for a specific kind of customer.

Become the Best in Your Niche

For example, you might has a website that offers magic books for magicians. Sure, there are other sites offering magic books but if you can become THE magic book site, now that is something to aspire to and will help you get and keep new clients. What kind of niche website are you going to make?!

Lights, Camera, Gone

Art Versus Promotion

For years I used a camera. I was a filmmaker/videomaker and had worked in both formats. I was one of the first to get an Avid editing system and had a booming Business as an editor. Probably one of the highs of my “film” career was working on a methodology that allowed you to create a feature length movie without needing a crew or any other helper. I bring this up because times have changed. The video became less about “art” and more about promotion.

The Psychology of it All

Promotion as a subcategory to marketing intrigues me. The psychology of it all. Through various strategies and tactics you are able to find the right audience and serve them with a matching product. This is a solution to a problem they have and if done right, could lead to them purchasing that product.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

What is the revelation of all this? Do you still need a camera? Yes. It can be quite useful because if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a moving picture worth. I have written a new eBook about this topic which is a giveaway for prospects. The phrase could now not be “Lights, Camera, Gone” and more like “Lights, Camera, Here.”

Customers from All Over the World

Targeted Customers

On the one hand times are tough with what we’ve all been going through with the Coronavirus, while on the other hand there are still large opportunities available regarding the breadth of the audience of consumers. People literally from all over the globe can be targeted and become customers.

Your Avatar

In many instances the old phrase “it takes money to make money,” holds true in that you have a larger reach than ever before but that access costs in terms of internet ad buys, an eCommerce website and more. Also, you need to be very specific as to who your desired avatar is.

Chances of Income

The selling climate has a lot to do with it too and each country accessible has a different attitude in terms of their feelings regarding COVID-19. So while on the one hand there is a lot of opportunity, on the other hand you need to be very specific about the means to achieve those chances at income.