Lights, Camera, Gone

Art Versus Promotion

For years I used a camera. I was a filmmaker/videomaker and had worked in both formats. I was one of the first to get an Avid editing system and had a booming Business as an editor. Probably one of the highs of my “film” career was working on a methodology that allowed you to create a feature length movie without needing a crew or any other helper. I bring this up because times have changed. The video became less about “art” and more about promotion.

The Psychology of it All

Promotion as a subcategory to marketing intrigues me. The psychology of it all. Through various strategies and tactics you are able to find the right audience and serve them with a matching product. This is a solution to a problem they have and if done right, could lead to them purchasing that product.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

What is the revelation of all this? Do you still need a camera? Yes. It can be quite useful because if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a moving picture worth. I have written a new eBook about this topic which is a giveaway for prospects. The phrase could now not be “Lights, Camera, Gone” and more like “Lights, Camera, Here.”

Customers from All Over the World

Targeted Customers

On the one hand times are tough with what we’ve all been going through with the Coronavirus, while on the other hand there are still large opportunities available regarding the breadth of the audience of consumers. People literally from all over the globe can be targeted and become customers.

Your Avatar

In many instances the old phrase “it takes money to make money,” holds true in that you have a larger reach than ever before but that access costs in terms of internet ad buys, an eCommerce website and more. Also, you need to be very specific as to who your desired avatar is.

Chances of Income

The selling climate has a lot to do with it too and each country accessible has a different attitude in terms of their feelings regarding COVID-19. So while on the one hand there is a lot of opportunity, on the other hand you need to be very specific about the means to achieve those chances at income.

Create Something then Get Your Audience


The idea explored in this post is creating something and then getting an audience for it. Have you created anything lately? Maybe it’s digital such as an eBook or Music MP3 or Lesson in MP4 form?


Or maybe you’ve created something like a t-shirt or cake or vitamin mix?Now let’s imagine that for the selling of either the digital or physical items you needed to find customers.


This is what the good people at Invent Mentalism are going through. Their product is still several weeks from being completed but they know if they want to sell lots of eBooks they need to have a plan.

Sales Page

So they contacted us here a HGNC and the first thing that we advised them to do was to put up a sales page. Not one that actually had the product to be purchased, just one so buyers during searches could acclimate toward it. They got a sales page right away and here it is now.


Increase Your Client Base


Pursuing new customers can be daunting, but you have choices that can be added in tandem with the HowToGetNewCustomers program. To start you can always ask current clients for referrals. Also you can partner with agencies, especially one that has clients that needs to do what you do, while you can send new customers to them also. You might even consider giving back to the community which could be as simple as volunteering for a neighborhood organization with lots of participants. This could include a theater company either for kids or grownups.

Building Partnerships

Another important thing is to have a network, meaning folks who do different things and could come up with some clients they can send to you. It critical that you stay in touch with your community so that it’s not just about them getting you customers.

Supply Valuable Information

Oh, here’s a neat one. You can follow up with customers you haven’t worked with in a while and maybe have some special offer that is a good fit for them. And never forget to keep blogging because if one of your blogs’ content relates well to someone you haven’t been in touch with in a while, you can email it to them. This also works with any online material you think could be helpful to them.

Advertising Campaigns

And you can even run an ad campaign. Make sure if you do this you have a very good idea regarding the funnel you are using. You should be clear on who you are trying to reach and what you want them to do. You need to have something they are interested in obtaining.

Contacting to Share

It is paramount that you always deliver value to your existing customers whether it is the product and service you provide for them or occasional times you get in touch to share something. That something should have value for the individual you send it to.

Collect Data

While building relationships with your clients you should always provide a special touch. Something that sets you appart from others. And please stay organized. You should have a clear and simple database method of maintaining data that includes all your clients’ names, numbers, emails, physical addresses and even social media they participate in.

Use Feedback to Get Better

Always be looking for feedback from your clients. You need to understand what they desire and why they want what you supply. Make adjustments accordingly if your clients talk about something enough. Strive to simplify what you do.

Things to Be Aware of as You Do Your Marketing

Want to Become Famous Online?

There’s a big interest all over the internet for attaining the knowledge of “How to Get New Customers” on the web. There is also online searching going on for the steps to take to “Become Famous Online.”

In Motion at Present

We have and/or are taking steps ourselves to spreading much needed information regarding how to how to get more customers (the name of this website) and even “Become Famous Online” (the topic of an eBook we are currently writing). One of the quickest ways to become famous online is getting the help of the people at the new website called DIYdigi.

A Marketing Turning Point

One of the ways that this DIYdigi defines how to get new customers is to discover the people who need what you offer, the exact moment they need it. USAcreate explores this goal also. Thanks to modern technology this objective is easier to attain then ever.

Get the Tools

In other words you can first get the DIYdigi tools you need like a website and then zero in on who your customer really is and figure out ways of reaching them. When getting your website and tools you want to think in terms of whether or not your offer is going to resonate with your primary audience.

Finding Keywords

One way you can do this is to do test and/or search online to find out what keywords are in demand for your following and use them on your pages as well as posts from your blog.

The Power of Content

Never underestimate the power of having a blog and doing content for it. First off, there are the organic benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or if organically you are not receivng enough of a result you can always to paid advertising online that can be quite effective in pinpointing who you want to reach.

Content Should Engage

But regardless of whether you do organic or paid campaigns, never forget to make sure your content is in line with your mission and that this in turn excites those consumers you are trying to reach! The are the kinds of things USAcreate can help you with.

Get There Fast

As mentioned earlier, DIYdigi is another good resource. Still in very much the early days of their content, just getting the idea of how important Online Marketing Arts tools are can be a big win for you.

Do You Have a Mission?

Unfortunately there are a lot of people who think in terms of “build your website and they will come.” Nothing is futher from the truth. You need to think of tools promotions in DIYdigi (Do It Yourself Digital), alligning it with your mission if you have one.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Vision and Mission

If you don’t have a mission and vision then please get both of them, as they will assist you in staying on track with campaigns and other forms of promotion. One way to define these two important words and concepts, is that you vision is your goal realized and that your mission is the “how” of getting there!

DIYdigi and More

Details of the “How to Get New Customers” Approach

We’ve been asked to write about how the USAcreate and DIYdigi (Do It Yourself Digital) work together to help you get more new customers. And don’t forget, Entertainment Entrepreneurship is part of the action also. To make it most clear, let’s talk a bit about the traditional way to get new customers. Often this is done by networking, doing incentives and discounts for new customers, the partnering with another entity that shares your targeted demographic and so on.

Now let’s talk about the “How to Get New Customers” Strategy

First off, DIYdigi has been added on as a partner in all this. They encouraged Harry Potter fans to make a website and even taught them how to make one. DIYdigi brings to the table a more clear-cut way that services are available. And because of this our clients benefit because now you can save money by only using the DIYdigi tools that you actually need.

The New “Only What You Need” Business Model

Bottom line for us is that we want our customers to be happy. The new “Only What You Need” approach means you can move slower or faster. It’s up to you. It all starts with redoing your existing website or creating a new one for you.”

Your Website is Your Centerpiece

Having a DIY digital approved website is required by us because it is vital to the tool wielding that will occur which you will either do yourself or for which you can enlist our help. Let’s take a look at a couple of the tools that are available.

Some Tools that are Available

How about the Quiz tool? Entertainment Entrepreneurship helped a lot with that one. A quiz is an interactive way that you can engage your customers and bring them into the fold. At we not only recommend certain tools but we use them ourselves. For example check out our quiz here.

Things to Note for When We Make Your Quiz

You’ll note in our quiz that we have a little fun, and make it about whether or not someone has what it takes to be a customer. You could also do one for movies such as the Harry Potter series. You can do something along these lines or just about anything that will engage your future customers with your brand.

Many More Tools

If you would like to learn more in depth about the 19 tools that we use and you can too, please subscribe to the free Newsletter bringing you weekly DIYdigi Marketing Tips. You also get a free checklist eBook and start a 10 day email course that will answer many of your questions.

And Finally

An important thing to remember is that all your tools should work together synergistically to get you the best possible result. And you have the option to build up your toolset quickly or slowly. In other words DIYdigi literally empowers you in any way you choose including “do it yourself” or “full service.” Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter with free stuff. We don’t know how long this opportunity will exist.

Even HP Uses It

Even Harry Potter Uses It

Although it has only been around for a short while, “How to Get New Customers” is fast becoming one of the go-to methodologies for promotion. Even one of the most popular unofficial Harry Potter clubs (Harry Potter Fan Club NYC) uses the engine to get the word out to fans.

The Secret to Success?

Additionally, it is organizations like Entertainment Entrepreneurship, that help to use an entertaining approach to the marketing of the Potter fan club and other projects. Why is this? What is the secret to the success of “How to Get New Customers?”

It All Begins with Free Stuff

Maybe it is because of the way that “How to Get New Customers” is a fit for all kinds of organizations and businesses. Plus, it is probably also helpful that the group offers a free way for someone who is interested in having better promotion can benefit from.

You Can Get these Free Things

The “free test” if you will, consists of three things, all of which are free: the weekly newsletter, the 10 day email course and instantly downloadable eBook that is a checklist of what you’ll need to do your marketing.

Become a Member of the Club

To get all these things simply go to either USA Create or directly to “How to Get New Customers.” It starts when you sign up for the free weekly newsletter. You get your eBook as an instant download as well as your 10 day email course on promotion begins once you confirm your club membership.

It’s All About Entertainment

Another thing that can help you get situated with your marketing is to check out Entertainment Entrepreneurship. The slogan of this popular site is “There’s no business that’s NOT in show business.” And when you read the posts on their site, you get more of an idea of how that motto holds a lot of truth.

The Promotional Community

Although we’re biased, we also suggest you check out the evolving posts on this website as well as the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC post. The posts are done by various folks who are a part of our promotional community.

Automatic Customer Acquisition System

Looking for Beta Testers

First off, a shoutout to Inwood Manhattan and Lights Camera Read for their help and belief in this project! The acronym ACAS (sounds like “access”) stands for the “Automatic Customer Acquisition System.” We invented the term and for many months we’ve been working on making this approach of getting new customers available to you. It’s hard to say how much longer before the prototype will be up and running. As soon as it is though we will let you know. Also, you’ll be offered the opportunity of using the system as a beta tester.

A New Methodology

How to get new customers is something that people in many different fields desire to make happen. That’s why we set up the website “How to Get New Customers” located at This website is a part of the overall methodology we are developing.

We Use the System

What is it exactly that we are making? Essentially it is a 19 step method to get new customers, clients and fans that involves of 2 sub systems that include a 7 methodology, and a 6 step one. The “parent” or 19 step method is an approach we are currently using so all we have to do is analyze what is working for us!

Online Collaboration 3,000 Miles Away

This obsession and passion of originating a way to get new customers (or at least warm leads) while you sleep, started with much emailing back and forth with my brother. My brother does what I do (websites, marketing etc.) and lives three thousand miles away in the woods and mountains very close to the scientifically determined “Center of California.” It’s about an hour drive to Fresno.

How to Get New Customers

So even though I live three thousand miles away from my brother here in Inwood Manhattan, we both have been feverishly emailing as well as do work on our each respective procedures. Mine, as mentioned, is to use and teach an approach of “How to Get New Customers” whereas my brother is a little more ambitious.

How to Be Off Every Day

My brother wants to develop a way that will allow him to set it and forget it. His “machine” will not only get new clients but will fulfill the customer’s needs as well. This means that he will be able to be “Off Every Day,” a concept which lead to him forming a music group called OED. OED is perhaps best known as “The Band that Doesn’t Exist.”

Finding Clients

I tell you all this stuff about my brother because it helps to set the stage for what we both have been going through these past several months and what our next steps will be. My brother’s system has to achieve many different things in automatic mode: getting customers, selling customers, collecting from customers, fulfilling customers etc.). Whereas my approach has just one thing that it does: it helps you learn “How to Get New Customers” and provides you with tools.

The 4th Dimension

Speaking of tools, there will be 4 premium marketing packages, each with a different amount of digital tools. For example there will be a 3 tool package (Beginner), a 6 tool package (Intermediate) and finally a 9 tool package (Pro). So, you may be asking, where is the 19 tool package? This is the 4th package that which will only be made for a very limited few. Those who can afford it and those who are actually able to use it.

And So It Goes…

I’ll continue to keep you in the loop regarding the Automatic Customer Acquisition System (ACAS) because before it launches we are definitely going to need beta testers!

Meet a Mythical Creature Who is a Darn Good Marketer

Stamas Bro Aristotle (left) comes to NYC to work with Stamas Bro Homer (to the right of BigFoot Zombie) on a marketing campaign for the new website “How to Get New Customers” at

The Inside Scoop About BFZ

If we told you that this, our campaign about launching our website, was done by the Stamas Bros and a mythical creature known as BigFoot Zombie, you probably wouldn’t believe us. But let’s put it this way. Even though BigFoot Zombie is in the shadows of Bigfoot, truth be told he is the marketer who made Bigfoot (his second cousin twice removed) a household name. Here is the kind of dialogue that we might have about it:

HTGMC (How to Get More Customers)

So you don’t believe that BigFoot Zombie can have a talent for advertising let alone he exist? We at HTGMC (product placement) believe in innovation in publicity and marketing, so for our debut into the world of the internet, we want people’s first impression of “How to Get More Customers,” here at (all out plug) to be that we are innovators and can take on any odd commercials you may see currently on your TV.

BigFootZombies don’t exist and why, if you’re going to hire someone who isn’t real to do your promotions, would you pick a BigFoot ZOMBIE instead of an actual BIGFOOT? The answer is “no” because you couldn’t afford him. He’s so well known he’s even in an online dictionary being defined as “…a large, hairy, ape-like creature resembling a yeti, supposedly found in northwestern America.”

For a moment we at HTGMC are stunned and taken by surprise. We had not really thought it through why we selected BigFoot Zombie, rather than a Bigfoot, who is probably better known and therefore may be more persuasive to the public. We were horrified to think that the spokesperson we had selected, BFZ isn’t even listed in most online dictionaries! Then an insight occurs to us:

Listen Ms. and Mr. Naysayer, we picked BigFoot Zombie instead of his second cousin once removed ( just plain old Bigfoot), because we think that BFZ is more original and interesting to our audience and therefore will make them more likely to check out “How to Get More Customers. Plus, BigFoot Zombie brings with him the Stamas Bros to the table and we are giant fans of the Bros. Well maybe not that big. We like them. Sort of.

And that would be that.

If You Have a Method You Can Get There Faster

New Steps Toward Getting New Customers – Sign up for the Newsletter!

We’re starting to use the blog capabilities of this website and are making an entry now because we wish to discuss a very important topic to us which is “Method.” We believe that if you have a method you can get there faster. Where does the method take you? To wherever you want to be. In our case that would be in regards to “How to Get New Customers.” If you go here you will see the article on method that wonderfully portrays the process of process. It sums up our opinion on the topic nicely. Go here to see this or better yet sign up for the Newsletter below.

Thanks for the Feedback!

Thank you for the awesome feedback you’ve been giving that has to do with the free 10 day course we offer in collaboration with If you want to take the course as well as start receiving the Newsletter we recommend you fill out the form below!

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